Welcome to the world of ZEN !

Surely you have noticed that everywhere around classy loungebars and stylish chill places are starting up. 
In a fast-going world loaded with stress, deadlines and traffic jams everyone feels the urge to relax and 
have their own moment of reflection.
The answer is here on 102.8 FM, DAB+, Telenet Channel 942 and online ! 
Relax and enjoy 24/7 trendy, lounge music and stylish grooves.
ZEN : Chill, lounge & trendy grooves in a unique worldwide project !

Hot releases

The new masterpiece from Manifold Records DE.Full of big names like Vladi Strecker, Café Americaine, Jazzy James Jr., and many more.Released on...
Sol y Suave
A smooth mix of earthy breakbeats, classic house, and jazz-funk made Buscemi an interesting addition to the ranks of trip-hop acts. The work of...
Guest Star
Latest album from the French Sound Designer and Zen DJ on Monday! Specialist in electronic chill music. Available on itunes ! 
Fifty Shades of Lounge Volume 2. 50 Quality jazzy lounge tracks with 2 mixes as a bonus, mixed by our Zen DJ Maretimo.Available on itunes !
Bahama Soul Club
Bahama Soul Club’s 4th album “Havana ’58″ presents a musical homage to Cuba’s roaring years before the revolution. Glittering nightclubs and...