Welcome to the world of ZEN !

Surely you have noticed that everywhere around classy loungebars and stylish chill places are starting up. 
In a fast-going world loaded with stress, deadlines and traffic jams everyone feels the urge to relax and 
have their own moment of reflection.
The answer is here, on the 104.5 FM in Gent.
Of course online (see our 'Livestreams' page) and on Cable, Telenet Channel 942 ! 
Relax and enjoy 24/7 trendy, lounge music and stylish grooves.
ZEN : Chill, lounge & trendy grooves in an unique worldwide project !
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Hot releases

Winter Time Vol. 6 - 22 Premium Chillout Tracks
The new masterpiece from Manifold Records DE, released on 19/01/18.Full of big names like Vladi Strecker, Citrus Jam, Sean Hayman, and many more.Also...
Tea Time Moments Vol. 1 - Relaxing Smooth Jazz Music
Released on M-Sol Records :It's Tea Time! Finest smooth jazz music for Your Tea Time Moments!High quality specially selected tracks by world know...
Fashion Jazz
Looking for the perfect chill album ?You found one ! Released on 29/01/18. Latest album from the French Sound Designer and Zen DJ on Monday!...
New York Orange - Urban Music for Urban People
Compiled by Marga Sol !Soul, Nu Jazz, Modern Lounge and Funky House sounds of the urban living, for urban people.This is a musical journey that takes...
Klavier Editionen is the significant new album by Dee C’rell, which explores theelements between electronic music and contemporary jazz piano. Known...