Welcome to the world of ZEN.
Surely you have noticed that everywhere around classy loungebars and stylish chill places are starting up. 
In a fast-going world loaded with stress, deadlines and traffic jams everyone feels the urge to relax and 
have their own moment of reflection.
The answer is here on 102.8 FM 
Relax and enjoy 24/7 trendy, lounge music and stylish grooves.
Zen Fm : Chill, lounge & trendy grooves in a unique worldwide project !

Hot releases

The Cuban Tapes
Darker, deeper a bit more mystic than what you probably expected from The Bahama Soul Club. Alluring Tiki blended through Jazz with Afro-Cuban...
RELAX Jazzed Gold Edition
Blank & Jones celebrate the German Gold Sales Award for their critically acclaimed "RELAX jazzed" album with the release of a 180 gr. Vinyl...
Mood Mode (Remastered)
The Best of Monte La Rue highlights special moments in the 15 year-career of this reputed deejay and producer. From his very first track, the rare...
A chill wind from Russia
After India’s heat and its vibrant colors, Buddha-Bar takes us to the wild East to discover Russia. Emblematic and mysterious country, Russia offers...
Chill out session II
Dôme Ibiza- The Chill Out Session, Vol. 2" a Chill Out / Downtempo music compilation made by House D'Arret for this world famous night club from...